Why You Should Never Give Up


This is a great poem I happened upon while cruising around the internet. The author is unknown, but the message is clear: never give up. Inspiration is sometimes hard to come by when we are held down by worries, fears, anxieties or hard times. Remember that never giving up is a Yogic practice! The number […]

F#%* You Mike Pence!


The Republican Party has declared war on my vagina! It wasn’t elegant, formal or thoughtful. They came out of the woods, penis’ blazing and declared war on my vagina. F#%* you Mike Pence, And the right-wing Christian conservative anti-woman horse you rode in on. De-funding Planned Parenthood amounts to a full-on assault on my vagina, […]

Boost Your Brain With A.Word.A.Day 17th Anniversary Week!


Are you someone who looks forward to learning a new word a day? Crazy about crosswords? Ever actually sat down and read the dictionary? Even if you’ve never done any of these things, Wordsmith.org is a pretty cool website. Today, March 14th, celebrates the 17th anniversary of Wordsmith.org and A.Word.A.Day started by Anu Garg. This […]