Respect Our Mother Earth


Earth Day was a few weeks ago and we hope it was a great reminder for us about how we treat our precious Mother Earth. Think about it: we only get one Earth and one place to live and cherish. Yet, what do we do on a regular basis? Drive our gas guzzling cars that […]

The Healing Power of Flowers


“Flowers don’t worry about how they’re going to bloom.  They just open up and turn toward the light and that makes them beautiful.”  ~Jim Carrey Can flowers help you heal? Based on a recent study from Kansas State University, the answer seems to be YES!!! Researchers followed 90 patients recovering from surgery and found that […]

Important Pet and Plant Safety


When I think of Marijuana I am immediately reminded of my husband’s Grandma Lillian (Lilly), may she rest in peace, who past away at the beautiful old age of 101. Imagine living an entire century-all that she has seen and experienced.  Lilly was as sharp as a tac and perfectly healthy until her loving and […]

The Haven Garden Project


“Food democracy is the new agenda for ecological sustainability and social justice.” Hello! In recent years, a new and exciting trend in agriculture has emerged: the revival of local, sustainable and small-scale community gardening. Most encouragingly, this model is achievable by everyone, everywhere, with a little know-how and the right materials. It is a model […]

Great Ideas For A Winter Pick-Me-Up!


Need a Boost? We have some great suggestions for you! Has the winter weather got you feeling those tired, old winter blues? Join the club! When the days are short and sun never seems to shine, winter can be a drag. It doesn’t have to be though! Try some of these quick pick-me up tricks […]