Bee Gardens: Flowers, Fruits and Herbs for a Bee-Friendly Habitat


You may want to give your bees a helping hand when it comes to collecting pollen and nectar by planting bee-friendly flowers and shrubs in your garden or outside space. Even in a larger garden, you’ll unlikely have enough flowers to produce sufficient nectar to sustain a hive, so your bees will probably go farther […]

Our Day At The Haven Garden


I used to love clothes shopping as the ultimate escape: fun, exciting, despite a quickly-fading rush as I selected shirts, shoes, dresses and jeans as if I were reinventing myself with each purchase. But recently, I realized that more than quick-high (and eventual drop) I get from a shopping spree, I would far rather immerse myself […]

Gardening – The Guts And Glamour!


Gardening is one tough yet gratifying job. Open up any home and/or garden magazine this time of year and the pages pull you right in with their abundant greenery, long, straight rows of gorgeous vegetation, sun shining, and decorative artifacts. Sometimes there’s even a shapely glass pitcher filled with lemonade, glistening with beads of moisture […]