Create The Perfect Holiday Dinner with The Cultured Cook!


One-Pot Green & Red Pasta Penne Alfredo with Kale & Broccoli What to do with hearty garden greens? Make pasta! Now that the weather is cooler, kale and chard and beet greens and turnip greens are enjoying a growth spurt. Luckily, they’re so versatile that you can use them in everything from soups to stir-frys. […]

Homemade Summer Berry Pies


We know you love the berry of the week posts – now here’s a recipe you can use with all of your fresh berries! Pie is delicious, especially in the summertime and this recipe combines healthier ingredients than a store-bought pie. So whip one up and serve to your family and friends using everyone’s favorite […]

Free-Form Fruit Desserts


Just as there are open-faced sandwiches, there are open-faced pies, or “free-form pies,” as they’re often called. Free-form pies are fun to make since the whole idea is to wind up with an irregular, imperfect result.  And whether you’re making a whole-wheat pie or a gluten-free pie, it’s liberating to not have to worry about […]