Reprogramming the Twitch: Lessons Learned from Two Months Without a Phone


Must one unplug from reality to properly observe reality? Going without a phone for any extended period of time seems to be the modern day equivalent of a vow of silence. Two months ago I decided to 86 my phone for sixty days as an experiment, just to see what would happen, just to see […]

Looking Ahead With Lauren: Mindfulness in a World of Technology


Take a look next time you’re eating a delicious meal at a restaurant, waiting in line, at the movies or even at a party. I’ll bet you that 90% of these people are staring at their cell phones. In fact, I used to have a friend that would constantly text other people while we were […]

The Danger Of Cell Phones


A new campaign has been launched to raise awareness about the dangers of cell phone radiation exposure. Lead by epidemiologist Dr. Devra Davis, the campaign seeks to prevent the incredible damage that cumulative radiation can cause ourselves, and especially our children, who have thinner skulls and more water content in their brains (which effects conduction). […]

Time To Mobilize And Take Action!


Making fun of violence is unacceptable and it is time that we let advertisers know that we are not going to accept their fun and games. Virgin Mobile‚Äôs current advertising campaign makes light of stalking and the use of technology to assist one in stalking. It is inappropriate and irresponsible. This is an opportunity for […]