Give Love Today! Michigan Humane Society WXYZ Telethon All Day! Please Help An Animal In Need Today, Feb. 9th


Did you know that MHS cares for over 1000,000 animals each year. This would not be possible without donations from you. MHS receives no government funding – only your love and support saves our precious four-legged friends! Your tax-deductible gift will allow MHS to care for the community’s most at-risk animals — including pets who […]

Pet Obesity: The Spreading Epidemic


Is Your Cat Over-Fat? Everyone knows that obesity is an alarming and growing problem for people living in the United States. But did you know that the epidemic is also spreading among our animal companions? The Huffington Post reports findings by the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention indicating that one-fifth of dogs and cats in […]

Introducing Your New Baby To The Family Pet


Introducing your pet to your new baby can be fun and rewarding. It just takes a little common sense, some treats and patience. The rewards are then bountiful! Remember that your dog or cat was your first “baby.” That animal will have no problem relinquishing that position as long as he or she feels the same […]

Celebrating Cultural Differences in World Veterinary Year


A few years ago, there was a serious dog problem in Todos Santos, Guatemala. Large numbers of dogs were roaming the streets and sometimes biting passersby, making locals feel unsafe and causing a decrease in tourism in the rural Mayan town. Members of the community contacted Veterinarians Without Borders — Canada for help. The organization sent […]

Pet Detectives: Not Just In The Movies Anymore


Annalisa Berns and Landa Coldiron are certified missing-animal response (MAR) technicians. The two women are owners of California-based companies, Pet Search and Rescue (Berns) and Lost Pet Detection (Coldiron). Berns and Coldiron use a variety of methods to track and search for lost pets, but their most important tools are their dogs.  Just like dogs […]

Ouch! Cat Bites Beware


“Ouch! Darn cat bite.” Guess what? When a cat bites it’s very dangerous. Finding this out recently prompted me to do the research. Cats have what’s called anaerobic bacteria and they transfer this through their bite. It’s extremely dangerous; this is a bacteria that survives and multiples without oxygen. Cats’ teeth are tiny and sharp; […]