Fashion Friday: Cruelty-Free Dresses for Summer 2012


This season, opt for cozy cotton and synthetic materials when shopping for your summer wardrobe. These dresses, all silk-free and paired with vegan accessories (hello, faux-leather belts and wedges!), are this summer’s fashion staples. Whether you’re headed into the office or meeting a new beau on a date, you’ll find the perfect cruelty-free look right […]

HBO Show Luck Cancelled!


Mounting pressure from animal activists, PETA and the American Humane Association has pushed HBO into cancelling the show Luck. It took the death of a third innocent horse, most recently on Tuesday, to push for the production of HBO to finally cancel Luck. All animal rights people are overwhelmed with joy for the horrendous treatment […]

Update On U of M Inhumane Animal Testing


Exciting news! Please read below, how PETA explains U of M has committed to stop using kittens for experiments and advancements in the name of medicine. They will be employing technology as so many other schools now do! Thank you if you were one of those that sent a letter to U of M helping […]

Help! Stop U of M From Inhumane Animal Testing


Of all things to have to hear about and/or read this time of year, a time when we are supposed to be helping one another with caring, sharing, love and concern for those who can’t help themselves; people and animals, alike. I’m steaming mad to hear that U of M is again doing horrid things […]

Let’s Band Together To Stop Dogfighting With Pit Bulls


Pit Bulls are probably the most misunderstood dog breed on the planet. They are called the “mean breed” and people are scared of them. But did you know they are also the most abused dog breed? The only reason that pit bulls have such a bad reputation and are known to attack other animals and […]

Pet Obesity: The Spreading Epidemic


Is Your Cat Over-Fat? Everyone knows that obesity is an alarming and growing problem for people living in the United States. But did you know that the epidemic is also spreading among our animal companions? The Huffington Post reports findings by the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention indicating that one-fifth of dogs and cats in […]

“Dancing Shrimp” This is Despicable!


Now, I’ve heard it all! Did you know that in this country, yes, the United States, people are eating LIVE shrimp? Something that is huge in Thailand and Japan just doesn’t seem right to many of us here in the U.S. People squeeze lemon juice onto the shrimps’ exposed flesh, which makes them writhe in […]