Recipes: Our Fav’s For August!


Stuffed Portabella Mushrooms I can never resist any variety of mushrooms. They are nutritious, versatile, and make for a hearty meal. I absolutely love them grilled on the barbeque, but for this recipe, they roasted beautifully in the oven. My preschooler isn’t a huge fan of this large variety of mushroom, but the nice thing […]

No-Cook Desserts for Hot Days


If you’re looking for refreshing, not-too-sweet, and hits-the-spot desserts, the world of raw cuisine has a lot to offer. (It also has a lot to offer when it comes to incredibly fresh salads, spicy/savory nut dishes that’ll make you forget about meat, innovative noodle recipes involving crunchy kelp strands – those would be the aforementioned […]

Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes


Thanksgiving is often referred to as the gluttonous holiday. We gather with our loved ones and binge on all that delicious turkey, rolls, stuffing, potatoes, desserts…the list goes on and on. This year make a promise to yourself and your family to cook all the yummy food you love – but the healthier alternative of […]

Improve Your Well-Being With Garden Fresh Fruits And Veggies This August!


Summer is the best season to get your own home grown fruits and vegetables. Whether they come from your garden at home or a local farm, fresh is always best! Here are some fruits and veggies that start their prime picking season in August. Head out today to get some delicious, nutritious and fresh garden […]

Protecting Your Lungs This Fall-Breathe Easy Pear!


Choosing foods that specifically support and protect the lungs is an effective way to take care of yourself this fall. Pungent foods can help disperse mucus that may get stuck. These include hot peppers and chilies, onions, garlic, turnkips ginger, horseradish and cabbage. If there is heat in the lungs (yellow mucous, sore throat,fevers) add […]

Delicious Vegan Pear Turnovers

pear turnovers

With all the bread baking, I’ve been reading a lot about new techniques for baking breads, variations on proofing times, different types of sourdough starters and yeasts, and how flour’s gluten content effects the bread taste and texture. Lots of the books I’ve been reading also include pastry methods and recipes–for croissants, coffee cakes, and […]