Transforming A Cheese Plate Into A Scone


Sweet and savory have always been the ying and yang of the food world. Any self-respecting cheese plate, for example, is going to offer a few sweet tidbits of fruit alongside the salty cheeses. Nuts often go hand-in-hand with fruit, too – even though nuts aren’t as salty as your typical cheese, the rich, full […]

Pre-Pearing for Fall (and bad puns…)


It’s officially fall: the pears are falling off of the trees. (Especially when you have gusting winds like we’ve been having lately.) One of my friends has so many pears lying on the ground underneath her tree that she keeps giving me more and more – she can’t bear to see any wasted. Wish I […]

Enjoying Hot Dogs in a Medieval Kind of Way


Although “sweet” and “savory” have become separate worlds in today’s American restaurants and home kitchens, in many cultures they’re freely combined: Thai salads with papaya and beef, the Hawaiian penchant for cooking pineapple with pork, Polynesian dishes featuring mango and shrimp.  Even European cooks used to blur the sweet/savory boundaries at will.  (Hence the tradition […]

Sipping Summer & Winter Out Of A Single Glass


“Oh, the weather outside is frightful”…so let’s pretend we’re someplace a bit more tropical with a refreshing smoothie in our hand. After this much snow, I’m okay with the idea of being a bit unseasonal and including a summery banana with a wintery pear. Using coconut milk rather than dairy is another good way to […]

Spicy Snacks & Spicy Salads


Spiced Almond Salad I have a confession to make: I’m not a fan of plain-Jane, eaten-as-they-are almonds. I like to toast sliced almonds and include them in all sorts of dishes, and I love to grind sliced almonds into flour and use them in a wide variety of baked goods, but the idea of munching […]