Local and Lovely: Your Diet Made Delicious!


In the interest of full disclosure, I did see this somewhere else. However, I am allowing myself to usurp credit based on the modest modifications I have made to the formula. I typically use recipes that I have developed myself from ‘idea seed‘ to table. This was too good to pass over. It includes three […]

10 Healthy Food Choices For Around $1.00!


Here are 10 great, nutrient-packed food choices that you can still find for around $1 per serving: 1. Two Cage Free Organic Eggs: $0.84 Eggs can be one of the most healthful foods in the world. But, not all eggs are equal. There is more and more evidence of a huge nutritional difference between true […]

Exactly What Does “Cage-Free” Mean?


According to The Humane Society of The United States…….. Cage-Free vs. Battery-Cage Eggs – Comparison of animal welfare in both methods Hens in battery cages lead lives of crowded misery. Compassion Over Killing Battery Cages The vast majority of egg-laying hens in the United States are confined in battery cages. On average, each caged laying […]

The Egg


Fertilized eggs, non-fertilized eggs, hens, roosters, free-range, caged, organic, non-organic…it can all be so confusing and with reason; brown eggs, white eggs. The white “thing” inside the egg; what’s that all about? Rather than the usual article type format I usually write I thought that with all these questions I would do a question/answer format […]