Your Wisdom Lies Within


“Enlightenment is not imagining figures of light but making the darkness conscious.” ~Carl Jung To grow and transform into our greatest selves requires us to be curious about what we don’t know about others, our situations in life, and ourselves. As Baron Baptiste says, consider that your greatest opportunity for growth occurs in the areas […]

What Service Means to Me


I did not choose to be born in the ghetto, but I choose to work hard to help others. When I help others it gives me opportunity to grow through others’ happiness. In our community where we live there are so many people together and when we help they feel happy. People see my success […]

Beginning Today With Grace

Beginning Today With Grace

Every Sunday evening I ask myself, ” What will the theme of my classes be this week? ¬†What am I feeling? What knowledge or wisdom will I impart upon my students to help bring love, light, and joy to their day and into their hearts. Will I even have a theme or fly by the […]

Being With Your Community


Being a part of a yoga studio is more than doing yoga. It is about community. How we show up is what we project onto each other and the rest of the world. A yoga community gives us the opportunity to not only see ourselves through the eyes of each other, but to show up […]