Endless Nutty Possibilities


Nuts make great snacks — they’re delicious, they’re convenient to carry, and thanks to the fact that most varieties of nuts are mostly fat and protein, nuts are one of the most satisfying foods on the planet. But there is something better than plain nuts: DIY seasoned nuts! I say DIY because most commercially seasoned […]

Super Snacks for Super Bowl and Sundays


Super-Savory Snacking Call it a snack or a condiment; enjoy it by the spoonful or use it as a topping on everything from chicken to soup. This herb-spiced, lemony olive-and-walnut sauté is simple to make, yet is remarkably savory. I like to use Aleppo pepper when I make this, but you can swap out Aleppo […]

No-Cook Desserts for Hot Days


If you’re looking for refreshing, not-too-sweet, and hits-the-spot desserts, the world of raw cuisine has a lot to offer. (It also has a lot to offer when it comes to incredibly fresh salads, spicy/savory nut dishes that’ll make you forget about meat, innovative noodle recipes involving crunchy kelp strands – those would be the aforementioned […]

Getting Creative with Spices and Nuts


Over a year ago, I wrote about incorporating spiced almonds into salads – the crunchy, flavorful almonds are a perfect contrast to silken baby spinach and juicy pears.  Lately, though, I’ve been spicing everything from almonds to Brazilian nuts and then enjoying them as stand-alone snacks.  The formula is simple: choose your nut, choose your […]

Yum! DIY Winter Cereal – Pomegranate, Almond & Brown Rice Cereal


If I could wave a magic culinary wand and make one aisle in the grocery store disappear, I’d probably make the cereal aisle vanish. Even when you find a cereal that truly is whole-grain, unsweetened, and tastes as good as it is healthy, you’re going to be paying a lot more for store-bought cereal than […]



If you’ve ever done a Chaturanga Dandasana, or fifty in a Power class for that matter, you’ve no doubt realized just how much energy it takes to do that pose. The energy to get from Tadasana to Chaturanga and all the way to Savasana in asana practice is a reflection of the quality of fuel […]