Recipes of the Week: Lemon Squares, Cheesecake and other Yummy Treats!


DIY Cream Cheese Makes the Freshest Cheesecakes! If you’ve ever been to one of my culinary/health talks or have spent much time hanging out in my online kitchen, you know I’m forever singing the praises of plain whole-milk Greek yogurt. Why? For many reasons. It has one-quarter the sugar of low-fat flavored yogurt, for one […]

Recipes of the Week: Warm Winter Favorites


Upgrading the Classic Tuna Salad Want a tastier, healthier substitute for commercial mayo? Try using plain whole-milk Greek yogurt whenever you’d normally reach for the mayo. If you want to give it even more of that mayo-like tang, just stir a squirt of fresh lemon juice and a small spoonful of mustard into the yogurt. […]

Yum! DIY Winter Cereal – Pomegranate, Almond & Brown Rice Cereal


If I could wave a magic culinary wand and make one aisle in the grocery store disappear, I’d probably make the cereal aisle vanish. Even when you find a cereal that truly is whole-grain, unsweetened, and tastes as good as it is healthy, you’re going to be paying a lot more for store-bought cereal than […]