“The Love of My Youth” Book Review


In Richard Linklater’s 1995 movie Before Sunrise, Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke play a young Frenchwoman and an American who meet on a train from Budapest and spend a romantic night walking and talking all over Vienna before he catches his morning flight back to the States. I thought of this movie‚Äďand its sequel, Before […]

Psychological Suspense: The Poison Tree by Erin Kelly


A stunning suspense debut! No one ever said growing up would be easy, but Karen Clarke never expected it to be quite so hard. Having spent the last few years dutifully pursuing a college degree and making all the sensible choices about her future, Karen has a chance encounter with a free-spirited and captivating drama […]

“The Lake of Dreams” by Kim Edwards


From the author of The Memory Keeper’s Daughter comes a new story, a story of a woman drifting through her life, unsure of her place in the world. Lucy Jarrett is living in Japan with her boyfriend, Yoshi, when she hears that her mother has been in a car accident. Although her mother has not […]

RESCUE By Anita Shreve


“RESCUE is about a Vermont EMT named Webster who has been raising his daughter alone since she was a toddler–the age at which the mother, Sheila, left them. The girl, Rowan, now 17, is beginning to break away from her father in ways Webster finds hard to understand. As he tries to keep his daughter […]

A Disobedient Girl: A Novel – A Wonderful Read For All Women


In one of the most impressive debuts of the year, Ru Freeman delivers an epic, searing novel about betrayal and salvation, the strength of the human spirit, and the boundlessness and limits of love. Set against the volatile events of the last forty years of Sri Lankan history, A Disobedient Girl traces the lives of […]