They’re Crunchy and They’re Noodle-y…and They’re Kelp!


About a year ago, I attended a potluck with some very unique culinary contributions. Probably the most unique of them all was a bowl of what I’d assumed were whole-wheat noodles tossed with alfredo sauce.Darn, I remember thinking. Guess I gotta avoid that – it’s definitely a mess of gluten. I proceeded to happily stuff myself […]

A Seafood Twist on Lentil Soup


When it comes to versatile flavor and nutritional bang for your buck, you can’t beat dried beans.  On the downside, though, dried beans take a while to reconstitute – depending on how you do it, there’s either a lot of soaking and simmering involved, or a lot less soaking and simmering time and a lot […]