The Power Of Metta: Practice Of Loving Kindness


Have you ever awakened to the morning feeling off balance; out of sorts – just not your usual perky self? Perhaps you can relate to; miserable, agitated, angry, frustrated or sad. I know that I have and it doesn’t feel good.  What do you do with these feelings and emotions first thing in the morning? […]

Child & Adolescent Sex Trafficking Is Not A Third World Problem – It’s A Michigan Problem!


Each month 117-159 girls are being sexually exploited across the state of Michigan! Girls are being sold for sex, right here, right now. If that didn’t grab your attention and cause your blood pressure to rise, I’m not sure what will. What a shame that our nation now has to have a National Slavery and […]

The Essence Of Ahimsa: Non-Violence


“Just as a flower begins its journey from a seed beneath the earth, non-violence begins out of self acceptance and love of the true Self, deep within the human heart.” The essence of Ahimsa is non-violence of our own heart. The violence we inflict on each other is only the outward manifestation of the war […]

News From “Haven”-True Love: The Truth And Reality


As a way to make sure that our HAVEN materials and curricula are age appropriate for tweens and teens, we created a Teen Advisory Council (TAC). TAC is comprised of several teens for local high schools, donating their time, opinions and talents with us.  We invited TAC member Julia Nagy to blog for us about […]