Recipes of the Week: Warm Winter Favorites


Upgrading the Classic Tuna Salad Want a tastier, healthier substitute for commercial mayo? Try using plain whole-milk Greek yogurt whenever you’d normally reach for the mayo. If you want to give it even more of that mayo-like tang, just stir a squirt of fresh lemon juice and a small spoonful of mustard into the yogurt. […]

This Week’s Recipes: Kale & Winter Squash… Perfect for Cold Weather!


The Many Colors of Squash Some of the more varied vegetables of fall all go by the same name: squash. But as Martha Rose Shulman explains in this week’s Recipes for Health, you can discover new flavors by cooking with a squash of a different color. This week it’s hard not to think about pumpkins, […]

An Herb Gardeners Muffins


If you have some oddball herbs growing in your garden and you don’t quite know what to do with them, make savory muffins!  Chopped fresh herbs will retain more of their flavor when you bake rather than sautée them, and really, any fresh herb works in a muffin setting.  I chose a combination of lemon […]

Going For Goat!


As promised in yesterday’s post, I’m back with more ways to use goat’s-milk yogurt!  This time, I paired goat with oat in the form of muffins.  And since I used honey instead of sugar, these muffins are very moist and slightly crunchy on top – honey caramelizes more readily than sugar does, so baked goods […]