Looking Ahead With Lauren: Who Do You Wish To Be?


We all have role models or people that we wish we could be more like. There are always people that I wish I could be like or ongoing goals that I never quite keep. In my head, I wish I was a dedicated yogi, who ate very healthy and only indulged in treats occasionally, exercised […]

Dating Advice: How To Get Over Him (With A Little Help From Your Friends)


Recently, I met a guy who I thought was great. We were introduced by a mutual friend. He was handsome, gave me money for the jukebox and he made me laugh. We hit it off and hung out a few times. There was chemistry. We had an official date scheduled, and THEN … he had […]

“Eat Your Cantaloupe and Enjoy Your Life!”


The Saga of Mindless Eating Continues… Allison, I just read your article about me and you and the cantaloupe. Allison, a cup of cantaloupe has 56 calories and is very nutritious for you with lots of vitamins, see THIS LINK for more nutritional info. Now, regarding the idea that I didn’t get the point of […]