Food Fight or Exercise Attack


Everyone of us has the right to enjoy the over-load of delicious holiday treats that are nearly impossible to avoid this time of year. So, don’t fight the fun and yummy indulgences for the next six weeks – that’s entirely exhausting and worthless. A mindful and sensible approach to eating, right along side a consistent […]

“Eat Your Cantaloupe and Enjoy Your Life!”


The Saga of Mindless Eating Continues… Allison, I just read your article about me and you and the cantaloupe. Allison, a cup of cantaloupe has 56 calories and is very nutritious for you with lots of vitamins, see THIS LINK for more nutritional info. Now, regarding the idea that I didn’t get the point of […]

Where’s My Cantaloupe? Redux

Canteloupe Melon

I received an interesting email this week in response to my “Where’s my cantaloupe?” article, from a man named Skip, whose acquaintance I recently made at the pool. We meet up at the pool a few mornings a week to swim laps. While gasping for a breath in between sets, we talk about healthy living, […]

Where’s My Cantaloupe?


Chronic Mindless Eating and How to FIX IT! Yesterday I was enjoying a delicious, freshly sliced piece of cantaloupe. Or so I thought I was. I actually cut two pieces for myself, one to eat now, and a second to eat later. My problem was and still is, this…. I devoured the first piece while […]