Paving a Path for Women: Christian Northrup, M.D.


“We get to a point where we must put up or shut up,” says Christiane Northrup, author of Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom and a national ground-breaking leader in the field of women’s health. “If we believe in empowerment and we believe in the law of abundance, the law of prosperity, if we believe thoughts create […]

Brenda Strausz on Mid-Life


For as long as I can remember my dream was to be a psychologist. I did not follow my dream however until age 49, after my last child left for college. The wisdom I gained through my years as a wife, mother, friend and educator is invaluable. This classroom called “life” was its own great […]

Animal Joy Living Her Joy


Animal Joy  Age: 53 Profession: animal activist, wife, mom, step-mom, art history student I’m a lucky girl to have two passions that I hope to “marry” into a boutique business someday.  One passion is an unyielding love for animals and their well-being and the other is art history, a visual, thought-provoking experience of life’s beliefs […]

What Is A Female Midlife Crisis? Definitely Not For Men Only! (Ladies; You’ll Love This Read!)


Times have changed — Today’s midlife crisis is not your Mama’s midlife crisis. We no longer buy into those negative stereotypes of crazy menopausal women with nothing left to offer the world after the kids are grown. Nowadays we know more and understand that this time of transition is a blessing. It’s your wake up […]

Spreading Karma


Katherine Austin, owner of Karma Yoga  Age 50 Yoga has allowed me to be OK with who I am and my authentic self. Isn’t that what everyone wants? It took 15 years of working as an aerobics instructor for Katherine Austin to venture into a yoga studio and start exploring the inner terrain of her […]

Reflections On Body Image: Talking Back To The Gremlin


We all have it. . . that chatty critical voice inside our heads that lectures us, makes fun of us, scolds us, makes us feel “less than”.  I call my critical voice the “Gremlin” and finally realize that he has been the head honcho on a wrecking crew who seemed intent on making my life […]

The Eight Perimeters of Traditional Chinese Medicine (part two)


Acupuncture looks at our body as composed of energy. This energy is called quiz (pronounced chee).  Qi energy is responsible for every function of our body — our heart beat, our stomach digestion, our thinking, feeling and moving are all functions of qi.  Every organ has qi and every organ’s qi has functions. All the different […]

The Eight Perimeters of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Part One)


As women, we are pressured to keep slim figures, a desire encouraged by society and the world around us. And yet, we watch our bodies change — most of which is beyond our control. Midlife hormonal changes force us to adopt new eating and exercise habits — or weather the consequences of sticking to old ways. […]

Miss Florida – My Story of My Eating Disorder


Ten years ago, my battle with bulimia was in full swing. My days were consumed by an illness I never expected, nor wanted, in my life. When people think about eating disorders, they often think that they are a choice- someone probably wanted to lose weight and it got out of control. This is not […]