Paving a Path for Women: Christian Northrup, M.D.


“We get to a point where we must put up or shut up,” says Christiane Northrup, author of Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom and a national ground-breaking leader in the field of women’s health. “If we believe in empowerment and we believe in the law of abundance, the law of prosperity, if we believe thoughts create […]

Positive Thoughts About Mid-Life: A New Year Perspective

Jacki Smith-8913

Jackie Smith Our Team Age: 54 Profession: program director, Jewish Senior Life Enhancement I’m in the process of discovering my passion…it’s a lifelong journey! Every experience I have teaches me a bit more about what moves and motivates me. And of course, I have many passions…the older I get, the more “horizontal” my growth gets…I love exploring […]

Am I Losing My Mind? Memory Troubles And What To Do About Them!


Just the other day a girlfriend said to me, ” How can you be so intelligent yet such an airhead?”  I wonder – does one have anything to do with the other? According to research and me there is no connection between intelligence and forgetfulness! Granted, I’m notorious for losing my keys, locking them in […]

“Encore Careers” Redefining Yourself At Mid-Life!


View the entire article: Women of all ages compete in the Boston Marathon. Read The Spirit uses new media to explore religion, spirituality and values. Many of our readers and writers also are in the forefront of this creative work. Together, we’re trying to survive the collapse of traditional print media–and keep important resources in […]