Standing Tall: Why Posture Matters


Remember how your mom used to always lecture you to stand up straight? Well, she might have made some mistakes over the years (that outfit in your 5th grade school picture), but on this one, she’s right. Posture matters more than you may think. First, let’s talk about your body, starting at the top. Each […]

Declutter Your Mental Clutter


Those voices inside your head won’t be quiet. All you can hear is your boss telling you to have those reports done by Friday or your daughter reminding you that there’s soccer practice this Saturday or a parent’s voice telling you that they’re going to need you to help them drop off their car at […]

The Year in Fitness 2011

Fitness for 2012

Faster, Higher, Stronger!  Fitness for 2012 If all the Phys Ed columns published this year have a single message, it is that now is a fine time to own a body. The diverse exercise-related experiments published in 2011 and covered in this space each week suggest that it’s possible to retain your cognitive powers, muscle […]

“Food, Drugs, And Desire” Symposium Held By The Michigan Psychoanalytic Society On April 16, 2011


THE MICHIGAN PSYCHOANALYTIC SOCIETY PRESENTS: 36th Annual Symposium FOOD, DRUGS AND DESIRE: UNDERSTANDING AND TREATING ADDICTIVE BEHAVIORS AND DISORDERS IN PSYCHOANALYSIS AND PSYCHOTHERAPY Brian Johnson, M.D. Kathryn Zerbe, M.D. Saturday, April 16, 2011 8:15 am — 3:45 pm Baronette Renaissance Hotel, Novi, MI MICHIGAN PSYCHOANALYTIC SOCIETY ANNUAL SYMPOSIUM: The Michigan Psychoanalytic Society’s Annual Symposium is a collegial […]