Mr. Fifty Shades Anyone? Guys: How To Get Noticed At Night


No one will ever know the true identity of Christian Grey, (Mr. fabulous Fifty Shades of Grey) or Gideon Cross (Mr. even more good looking – if possible, Bared To You). If I had to pick either one of them out in a crowd, I would be looking for the guy that Lena was eyeing […]

A Man’s Wardrobe Essential – Buy Him One For Father’s Day!


3 clues: 1. I can be worn to any occasion 2. Some people think I’m boring 3. I eventually turn a different color Answer: A white dress shirt Next, what animal am I? I live in the rainforest… Kidding! If you grew up taking family road trips, you no doubt relate to that (often painful) […]

My Style, My Way – The New Fashion Bible


ASK In Your Face is proud to announce that our fabulous Fashion Forward editor, Lena Piskorowski is a co-author of a brand-new book, My Style, My Way. The book features 20 authors who share their secrets on looking AND feeling great in fashion for every occasion. Piskorowski focuses on International fashion and how to create […]

“The Apparel Girl” Lena Piskorowski

Lena Piskorowski

Lena Piskorowski 28 years old Shelby Township, MI resident Owner, personal styling company, DRESS I liken ‘my path’ to a quote from Steve Job’s Stanford University commencement speech: “You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards.” To know what you are truly best at, you must stop and think […]

Man Handling


Is dressing your man a pain in the ass? From my experience, I have found that there are two types of guys: Those who couldn’t care less about clothes and those who follow the fashion radar and know what they want; both can be a pain for the women in their life!  If the gentleman […]