Women Are Not “Guys” and Men Are Not the “Norm”


We’ve had three stunning examples in less than a week of the cultural headwinds that women are still up against, ranging from the need to “spin” Hillary’s body language, photo-shopping her out of of history and crediting only “the guys” for the complex, clandestine operation that closed the Osama Bin Laden chapter. First came the riveting photo from the White House Situation […]

Why Women Cheat vs Why Men Cheat – They Cheat For Different Reasons


Why do men cheat? Why do women cheat? Are the reasons different? Or are they the same? These are the questions explored today on CNN Health by sex therapist, Ian Kerner in his latest column entitled Female infidelity: It’s different from the guys. The answers in Kerner’s article parallel many of the findings from my […]

Women Are Just Like Cats!


What is it about cats and women? Why are there “cat ladies” but not “hamster ladies”? Why do so many women seem to gravitate towards cats? The crazy-cat-lady stereotype aside (by the way, every segment of the population has its extremes, and cat-loving women shouldn’t have to take a bad rap for a few odd […]

Get Your Man To Go Organic!


Is the man in your life reluctant to eat organic food? Are you tired of nagging him to make the switch and obtaining no results? Well, here’s your argument: A new study has found that 80% of the pesticides tested — including many found as residue on foods — can make men less, well, manly. […]

Coffee: How It Affects Your Mood VS. Your Brain Power


Coffee and Your Mood Caffeine has many effects on your body and taken in large doses, it can be harmful. It affects four hormones in your body that can affect your mood. Caffeine can disrupt absorption of adenosine, which helps calm the body. This can make you feel alert for a while, but can cause […]

Gift Ideas For Any Type Of Guy


Always stumped on what gift to buy your guy? With Valentine’s Day coming up, let us help you find the perfect present for the man who gives you all the love you deserve. Is your man into vintage style, retro gifts, and creativity? Check out Lido Gallery in Birmingham, MI for great retro and vintage […]

High Activity Staves Off Pounds, Especially for Women


People will gain significantly less weight by middle age — especially women — if they engage in moderate to vigorous activity nearly every day of the week starting as young adults, according to new Northwestern Medicine research. Women particularly benefitted from high activity over 20 years, gaining an average of 13 pounds less than those with […]