I Recommend – Paris: A Love Story – A Wonderful Weekend Read!


Kati Marton’s new book is called Paris: A Love Story – but it’s really more of a book about love and loss than one about the City of Light. “Because I have a keener sense now than ever of how elusive life is, and how you can’t count on anything, and how important it is […]

Life’s Frailty, and the Gestures That Go a Long Way


Several years ago, my friend Jeffrey Zaslow sent me a chapter from a book he was writing about lifelong friendships among a group of women from Ames, Iowa. It was a powerful story about love and loss that moved me to tears. With the draft pages still in my hands, I sat down with my […]

“Kiss Me Quick Before I Shoot” Book Review & Giveaway


For someone who loves movies, getting the chance to review a book about a filmmaker’s behind the scenes journey of Hollywood was a real treat. In the memoir, Kiss Me Quick, Before I Shoot, it follows Guy Magar’s journey from moving to the United States as an Egyptian immigrant, attending film school, and becoming a […]