My Challenge to the Media


I am predicting that in addition to the Olympics, the story of the summer will be the trial of Jerry Sandusky. The trial began in early June and is sure to keep the media talking for months to come. From the daily rehashing of testimony, the hours waiting for a verdict, and on to post […]

Mirror Mirror on the Wall


What will be your story now today its something far inside hurts your body close your eyes and i’ll bring you back to here you are my own sinking ship Cause everyday the current shifts – Good Ole War, My Sinking Ship Sometimes I can’t find the words to describe my inner rants when I […]

Violence Against Women Has No Excuse


Rodrick Dantzler hated women.  From information gathered in media reports, Dantzler had a long history of abusive behavior toward the women in his life.  Multiple Personal Protection Orders were taken out against him from his mother (it also included that he was abusive towards his sister), former girlfriends and mothers of these girlfriends, and a […]

All Michigan, All The Time…


Do you love Michigan? Perhaps you’re sick of the weather here but are always looking for new websites, events in your area, photos or news from your state. Then you should check out Absolute Michigan! Absolute Michigan is “All Michigan, All the Time” – a collection of links, features, news and information about the state […]

Enjoy Our Summer Book And Movie Pics


Summer Book List With merely a month left of summer, the time has come when we must start pondering when to dock the boat, cover the pool and put the lawn chairs away until next summer…but only think about it, because they’re at least four more weeks of beach weather left yet! While it’s true […]

Part 1: Reflections on Body Image – The Media’s Influence on How We View Our Bodies


In the United States women learn from an early age to highly value being thin. From TV ads, going to movies and following Hollywood celebrities we buy into the mass belief that if we look like “them” our lives will work. And yet . . . time and time again this has proven to be false. […]