Water (Jala) in a Pitta Time


The water (jala) element plays a significant role in the Ayurvedic system during the summer season to balance the intensity of fire (agni) which can be transformative or fierce. Water is considered a balancing, cooling, calming force, essential to maintain our health, longevity, and juicy tissues. If you get overexposed to the fire element in […]

Nope, They’re Not Always Green


Fruit is all the more sweet in the summer – it’s such a refreshing foil to hot, sunny days. (Although I must admit that today is pleasantly overcast and not so hot. I can hear my garden sighing in relief.) And bright-colored fruit makes summer days even more festive. In fact, doesn’t this golden kiwi […]

Head to a Local Farmer’s Market This Summer!


Farmer’s Markets are great in the spring and summer months. You can buy local produce from a farm near you. Support Michigan’s agriculture as you try new fruits and veggies! Here is a list of great Farmer’s Markets, flower markets and Cider Mills near you! Downtown Rochester Farmers’ Market – Rochester All products grown or […]