Summertime Heart Openers from TCM and Yoga


In yoga, we are often reminded to work toward “opening the heart”. Doing so opens up the chest by creating greater space in the ribcage for the lungs and the heart. It also means allowing for the sharing of love and compassion. In the same way, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) relates to both the physical […]

Fall: Letting Go With Breath


One of the key principles of yoga is a focus on breath. Of course we know that breathing is vital to living. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), “Qi” (pronounced “chee”) is often translated as “energy,” but sometimes also as “air” or “gas” or “life.” The original character for Qi was three wavy lines, like the […]

Breathing 101: Proper Breathing is a Must


One of the common mistakes women make during exercise is incorrect breathing, or holding the breath. If this is you, no worries! With a little practice, correct breathing can be a breeze. Everyday I am asked, “Am I breathing correctly? How do I know when to inhale and when to exhale? Does it really matter? […]

Just Breathe


I have a feeling this question is probably elementary for most of the people in our class, but during the weight training portion when do you inhale? When do you exhale ? Sometimes, I wonder, does it really matter? Isn’t it just great that I am breathing at all? How Important is it to breathe at the right time?