Get Your Motivation in Gear! Calorie Crushing Fat Burning Workout!


Hopefully you enjoyed a delicious Thanksgiving feast with your family and friends. Don’t stress about the wonderful food you ate, Thanksgiving is enjoyed best without guilt.  Instead of the torture of counting calories, reflect on life’s blessings, including that juicy turkey, to die for stuffing, yummy mashed potatoes, decadent desserts and your community of friends […]

Lunge And Squat With Love!


No question about it; squats and lunges are the holy grail of a steaming hot lower body workout.  With or without weights, they must be done.  If you genuinely desire to effectively tone and strengthen your butt and thighs you must LUNGE AND SQUAT! You must learn to love or at least willingly accept the […]

Be Fit for Your Future: Try These Easy & Effective Workouts Today!


“When we strengthen our bodies, we automatically strengthen our minds Only then are we able to stand tall and look straight ahead, right into our future, a healthier future.” Allison So Breathe and PUSH!  I don’t care if you kick and scream, just do it!  The simple action of trying will make you stronger and […]