Eight Steps to Forgiveness


Forgiveness is a tricky topic. First, it has two distinct meanings: To give up resentment or anger To pardon an offense; to stop seeking punishment or recompense Here, I am going to focus on the first meaning, which is broad enough to include situations where you have not let someone off the hook morally or […]

Imperfect Is the New Perfect


The Nightmares of a Perfectionist Perfectionism is a futile endeavor. As a perfectionist, I speak from experience. And this essay is my confessionary hymn. At times my perfectionism haunts me: all the pleasure of “getting it right” can be immediately wiped out by small, debilitating imperfections: the sharp, stabbing pain of a negative criticism; the […]

Get Back On The Mat: 21 Day Yoga Challenge


Here’s a koan for you: What is yoga without practice? The world seems to be filled with yogis who’ve let their practices slide, with rolled-up mats and meditation cushions collecting dust in closet corners. Or maybe it’s just me. I think of myself as a yogi, but my bolsters, blocks, and wedges beg to differ. […]

10 Lessons Learned in Recovery


My eating disorder took a lot away from me. It took away my friends and family, my desire to live, my dreams and hopes for the future and even started to take away myself physically and mentally. It consumed me in any way imaginable. When I finally hit bottom I learned that I had two […]

Importance of Being a Good Role Model


The other day I was at a local festival watching my cousin (9-years-old) compete in the talent show. She showcased her amazing skills in Scottish dancing (something she’s only been doing for almost a year) and won first place! I was so proud! After, I was chatting with my other cousin (11-years-old) and her best […]

New Book Review: “A Jane Austen Education: How Six Novels Taught Me about Love, Friendship, and the Things That Really Matter”


It is not often you find a memoir written by a man on how his life was changed by Jane Austen. But Austen scholar, William Deresiewicz uses humor and wit to combine his own experiences with things he’s learned from Austen’s teachings. Progressing from his days as an immature student to a happily married man, […]