The Power of Inversions. ~ Sapha Arias


“Maybe the only thing each of us can see is our own shadow…not the exact image, but everything reversed or upside down.” ~ Chuck Palahniuk As a child, I was the kid who lived life in a constant state of terror. You know the kind of kid I’m talking about. That little kid who always […]

Vikruti: Shifting into Spring


In Ayurveda, we use the word Vikruti to acknowledge your current health condition, which may be affected by seasonal changes, a visit or move to a new geographical location, or the shift from one phase of life to another. Even though your original “yogic DNA” (called Prakriti) will never change, the changes you notice from […]

Understanding The Potential Risks of Yoga Headstand (Shirshasana)


One concern that many people have with Yoga is that certain positions (asanas) could actually be harmful. This is especially true with headstands. The truth is, you should talk with your doctor about your Yoga practice is very important. While there can be a risk, the danger can be removed or modified if you understand […]

You Can Do It! – Dolphin Pose


Remember: We get stronger and gain confidence just by trying! It doesn’t matter how long it takes to learn a posture. Never stop trying and before you know it, you’ll find yourself saying, “Wow! How did I get here? Here I am!” – Allison Upside down feels great and offers many health benefits! Come onto […]

Inverted Nightmares – Everybody Upside Down- Neck Injuries In Headstand


Let gravity work for you. Inversions are good for your lungs, heart, thyroid, and more. Unfortunately, however, beginning and veteran yoga students are showing up in the offices of bodyworkers, chiropractors, and medical professionals with compression of the upper spine and impaired mobility in the neck, presumably from the practice of inversions. In a culture […]