Star Bang’in Workouts With Sam


Are you fired up and ready for the Fourth of July? Sam sure is! Checkout Sam’s circuit training workout this weekend!  Fireworks, BBQ’s with friends and family, beer pong parties or maybe you’re hitting the road for a mellow weekend get-a-way. Sounds great to me. Whatever your plans are for the holiday weekend; relax, enjoy […]

The Almighty Squat: Do It Right For Quick Results!


“Squat Till You Drop. Are You Women Enough?”  This is the headliner in a recent fitness journal article about the importance of squatting; and doing it properly. “If you can’t squat, then you’re not strong! That’s the consensus of most power athletes, strength coaches and fitness experts.”~ Thomas Fahey ED.D I’m quite sure that I’m […]

You CAN Do This! 30 Minutes, 10 Simple Exercises, 1 Minute Each


Looking for a workout that’s loaded with challenging fat burning fun? Here it is! Simple, swift and doable for everyone. All you need is 30 minutes, a good attitude and an iron will. Shedding layers of excess fat and clothing (specifically, the proverbial sweatshirt wrapped around your waist, hiding your beautiful body) has never been […]

May-ed For Fitness – Interval Training Walking! Not Your Ordinary Walk Around the Block


You say you only have 20-30 minutes for exercise? No problem. Let’s go! This short, yet powerful, interval style walking workout will provide plenty of cardiovascular, fat burning and bone building benefits! Focus on form, intensity and speed during each walking interval for optimal results. You will be feeling and looking fabulous in no time! […]

May-ed For Physical Fitness – Building A Strong Future!

May-ed For Fitness

Thank you for joining us in April for “Celebrate Your Strength”! We hope you enjoyed 30 wonderful days of inspiration and hope for an extraordinary future – one filled with love, joy, contentment and good health. For your convenience and continued enjoyment we have re-capped the daily posts into one so you can look back […]

Try This Treadmill Workout For A Change Of Pace!


Right about this time of year we start looking at our treadmill crossed eyed; tired of the indoor “pounding out the miles” ending up on the same treadmill, in the same room while watching the same ridiculous TV shows. Enough already. It’s time for a change of pace! Hang in there everyone! Springtime, outdoor bootcamp […]

30 Minute Time Crunch Workout


Need a great workout but your crunched for time?  The key to any successful fitness program is getting the greatest benefits with the time and tools you have! Assuming you have 4 days a week to exercise for 30 minutes, here’s your plan. You will focus on interval training to work your entire body-the biggest […]

Is 30 Minutes Of Exercise A Day Enough? What Is A Working Mom To do?

Push ups

Hi Allison I ‘m 44 years old, mother of three, a wife, busy with my kids and their activities and I work 30 hours a week.  Finding time to workout is a challenge and often frustrating. With my crazy and demanding schedule I can only manage 3-4 days a week and working out for more […]