Bling! I love when the light just turns on. Once intolerable, I actually enjoy waiting now; without judgement, expectation or worry. I just wait. These days, my greatest inspiration and deepest joy comes from practicing patience and the possibilities within the space of waiting. After 50 years of nudging and pushing, which by the way […]

Yes, You Can: 10 Ways to Build Inner Strength


“Boom-boom! Pow! Can you feel that? Boom-boom! Pow!” There are days when these lyrics remind me more of the overwhelming stress that can hit us from all sides like bombs exploding once-stable air. Like when you find out you have lost your job with no option in sight “Boom!” your spouse leaves because that he/she […]

What Yoga Is & What Yoga Is Not


Yoga is pretty popular these days. On one hand, this is awesome — the more people practicing and reaping all of the mind/body/spirit benefits, the better. On the other hand (like most things that get Westernized and become mainstream), the original roots of Yoga can get twisted and lost in translation. This is something I […]

Using Mantra To Awaken The Heart


When we have turned our attention inward to the Cave of the Heart, we can begin to taste the nectar of unconditional love. It may come as a subtle sensation at first, in fits and spurts, seeping through the gaps in the armoring of our Heart. As our awareness of this internal source deepens, the ego-mind […]

Exercise, Meditate, Sing, Dance: Create A Holiday Ritual For Inner Peace & Calm

See exercise as your daily ritual

Rituals – activities that link past, present and future and help us to step out of ordinary time – play a strong and important role in emotional health. They deepen relationships, allow the expression of important values and offer a sense of security and continuity – all the more so during the holidays. Daily rituals […]

Mantras To Manage The Holidays


Sanskrit is arguably the root of all language. The primordial sounds that make up all words are very basic yet powerful tools that can be used to create a rhythmic relationship with the vibrations of the universe. This is called “entrainment.” The science of Mantra (or mind vehicle or instrument), the repetition of sacred sounds, silently, whispered or chanting, […]

Walking as Meditation: Quiet Your Mind as You Improve Your Health


Movement as a vehicle for personal growth and awareness has been a long-standing practice in many traditions. Yoga, T’ai Chi, and Chi Gong are all meditative practices that use the body as a portal to experience a deeper sense of self by observing, feeling and guiding specific movements. You can transform walking into a meditative […]

The Most Important Skill to Master


If you’re like me, you are constantly learning new skills – gardening, carpentry, pizza-making, languages, sports, and so on. And I think this is a fun and wonderful thing to do. But what’s the most important skill? That’s debatable. I think compassion is a huge one, as is mindfulness. I’d go with those two any day […]

Celebrate Your Strength – Love The Light of The Present Moment


Monday, the beginning of yet, another glorious week; filled with wonder and who knows what. Seven days, 10080 minutes – how will you choose to spend these precious moments? Celebrate your strength and joy today by being with the present moment. And, if that feels to big to handle – stay within the next 5 […]

Healing Relationships: Revision With Love And Compassion


So often we carry pain from a person in our life who has hurt us deeply.  It may be a parent, a spouse, an ex, a friend, or even a child. Allowing ourselves to feel and acknowledge these feelings of hurt, fear or sadness is vital to our sense of well-being. As we allow ourselves […]