Why Women Cheat vs Why Men Cheat – They Cheat For Different Reasons


Why do men cheat? Why do women cheat? Are the reasons different? Or are they the same? These are the questions explored today on CNN Health by sex therapist, Ian Kerner in his latest column entitled Female infidelity: It’s different from the guys. The answers in Kerner’s article parallel many of the findings from my […]

Could He Be Having An Affair? What’s Going On?


You Ask Dear Ruthanne, I am not married to a governor or a sports figure.  Those are the types of men that seem to be having affairs.  Or the type getting caught having affairs.  My husband is a good man, a wonderful provider, a kind, hard-working man with high moral values, yet the other day […]

The Affairs of Women

Mature woman sitting on the floor day dreaming , husband in bed

For as long as humans have had marriage and partnership, infidelity has existed as the dark sibling. Throughout time, women and men have risked everything, even torture or death (particularly for women) if their tryst was discovered; all this in order to pursue the overwhelming passion they felt for someone who was not their mate. […]