Tamiflu is NOT the Drug of Choice to Fend Off the Flu


Tamiflu (oseltamivir phosphate) is approved for treatment of uncomplicated influenza A and B in children one year of age or older. It is also approved for prevention of influenza in people 13 years or older. It is part of a group of anti-influenza drugs called neuraminidase inhibitors, which work by blocking a viral enzyme that […]

Looking Ahead With Lauren: Natural Ways to Heal Yourself


I don’t know about you, but at the first sign of a cold I tend to take loads of cold medicine and cough drops and power through my day. But is that really the best for your body? Sure, it helps you feel better (sometimes) but what if you let your body heal itself first and […]

Ouch! Cat Bites Beware


“Ouch! Darn cat bite.” Guess what? When a cat bites it’s very dangerous. Finding this out recently prompted me to do the research. Cats have what’s called anaerobic bacteria and they transfer this through their bite. It’s extremely dangerous; this is a bacteria that survives and multiples without oxygen. Cats’ teeth are tiny and sharp; […]