Cancer And Diet Go Hand in Hand


Cancer is largely attributable to the cumulative impact of toxins on our systems. External factors such as polluted air, water and food chemicals, along with pesticides on our food, play a major role. Heavy metals like mercury that is in many immunizations and flu shots plus immunological weakness come into play as well as PSYCHOLOGICAL […]

Season to Boost Your Immune Power


Cold and flu season is just around the corner, but, for some reading this, it has already hit in full force! The immune system plays a powerful role in our body; it’s constantly on guard, attacking and destroying foreign invaders likes bacteria and viruses and ensuring we don’t get sick. Certain things are beneficial for […]

Chicken Soup for the Traditional Chinese Medicine Soul!


An important herb in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is astragalus root, called Huang Qi in China. It’s used to strengthen the body’s immune system, known as wei qi in TCM. Astragalus root can be found dried in Chinese herbal shops or some natural health food stores. If you don’t have access to astragalus, you can […]

Listeria – Do You Know the Facts?


Listeria is found in soil, groundwater, animal feed, sewage, and even dust. It mostly lives in soil, where the bacterium eats decaying plants. Once it makes its way into the food supply and is eaten by a humans, listeria transforms into a very different bug — one that can live inside human cells. Because listeria […]

Avoiding the Flu Naturally


As summer turns to fall, the cold and flu season is upon us and there are some simple things you can do at home to prevent colds and flus. Wash hands with warm water and soap for at least 20 seconds before and after eating or preparing food, when getting home from outside, and after […]

Treating the Root Causes of Allergies: A Naturopathic Medical Approach


Treating the Root Causes of Allergies: A Naturopathic Medical Approach Naturopathic Medicine seeks to address the root causes of disease, treat the whole person, and approach each person as a unique individual. Nutrition, homeopathy, herbal medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine can then be used to support the body’s innate ability to heal itself. In dealing […]

Gut Health and Its Importance in Our Immune System


Did you know that 75% of our immune system is dependent on the health of our stomach and its lining? Incredibly it is how well our stomach digests and assimilates its food, its ability to breakdown bacteria that enters the stomach through our food, and its ability to secrete enough protecting stomach acid that has […]

You Don’t Have To Fear Allergy Season…


April is often the beginning of allergy season. Wherever you live, many people suffer from “seasonal” allergies. Here are some suggestions for natural methods to alleviate your symptoms, whether they are itchy, watery eyes, sinus congestion or drip, mild cough or more fatigue, the following should be of some help to you. The first and […]

Glutathione – Master Antioxidant


There are good reasons why glutathione is often called the “master” antioxidant.  Like all antioxidants, glutathione plays a key role in protecting cells against oxidative stress, which has been associated with more than 74 major diseases and disorders. The reason glutathione is so important and effective is that it can subdue many more free radicals […]