Identifying Hungers: A Tool In Recovery & Living!


This article is one of the best I have ever read about mindful eating. Understanding, recognizing and honoring the “seven hungers” is a fascinating and exceptional approach to learning about our relationship to food and hunger. Read on; I think you will agree. “Clocks and programs cannot tell you when you’re hungry, but your body […]

Looking Ahead With Lauren: Changing Eating Habits One Step at a Time


For a while now, I’ve been wanting to eat a lot healthier and cut out junk and processed foods. Most of you know how difficult it is! While I am not quite there yet (Girl Scout cookies keep calling my name!) I was thinking about something today. Although I am thin and cannot eat too […]

Are Your Workouts Making You Hungry and Fat?


Who said regular exercise is a green light to eating everything in sight? Several months ago I wrote an article about a client who would run to Starbucks for a latte and a muffin immediately following her workout, devour tablespoons of peanut butter at the bewitching hour, 4 pm and so on, and then cry […]