Identifying Hungers: A Tool In Recovery & Living!


This article is one of the best I have ever read about mindful eating. Understanding, recognizing and honoring the “seven hungers” is a fascinating and exceptional approach to learning about our relationship to food and hunger. Read on; I think you will agree. “Clocks and programs cannot tell you when you’re hungry, but your body […]

Why We Should Stop Counting Calories


Waylon recently wrote an article about healthy ways to lose weight and feel your best, and I feel that he hit the nail right on the head with all 10 of his tips. I brought this article up for discussion with my husband while we were cooking dinner the other night (cooking was even on […]

Saffron Extract Benefits: 6 Reasons Why Dr. Oz’s Natural Weight Loss Aid Can Work for You


Dr. Oz knows a thing or two about staying fit. Television’s most popular doctor (who has the seal of approval from Ms. Oprah Winfrey herself) featured a segment on Monday on “The Dr. Oz Show” about belly-blasting supplements. Belly fat is one of the biggest complaints women, particularly those over 40, have today. Although exercise […]

Best Ways to Stop Food Cravings Once and For All


Strengthen your will power, but how? One reason most diets fail is that long-term goals can be overwhelmingly difficult: When the plan is to watch what you eat for the next six months, drinking one caramel latte with whipped cream seems like a minor slip. To avoid that kind of thinking, commit to eating well […]

How to Survive The Holiday Eating Season (It’s Not Too Late!)


Lots of folks don’t think about what they eat over the holiday season until January, when they stare sadly at the number on the scale and then trudge off to hit the gym, join Weight Watchers or pick up the latest fad diet book. It doesn’t have to be that way. Health experts say you […]

Why Am I Starving So Early After Breakfast?


Every morning I eat my breakfast of organic whole grain cereal, skim milk and blueberries.  I’m trying to be healthy, but when I get to work an hour later I’m already starving.  I feel like I have such a big appetite!  What can I do? First I want to say that what you are experiencing […]

Why We Crave The Foods We Do


We all have food cravings. Some of them are bad for us (ladies, don’t we all get chocolate cravings?!) and some are actually good for us and tell us what our bodies need. We all experience hunger every day and often times you will eat whatever comes your way. But sometimes, don’t you just really […]

Making A Difference At Any Age; An AmericanTowns Hero – Lucile Blackburn Delivers Love


Every day, Meals On Wheels delivers more than one million meals to seniors in America, but it isn’t always the meals that make the difference. As Lucile Blackburn will tell you, many of the elderly people who receive the meals are as hungry for the company and conversation as for the meal itself. At 97 […]

What, If Not Weight Watching?


Many of us who are middle-aged have been watching our weight since our Twiggy and Tab teenage years. On and off, diet after diet, we watched our weight go up and down and back up to a number that was much higher than when we first decided to diet. So even as we agonize over […]

The Weigh Back To Yourself


Can you remember a time . . . when life was as it was . . . was enough? When you were enough–not because of what you looked like or what you did, but just because everything was the way it was? Nothing was wrong. When you were sad, you cried and then it was […]