Trading the Moo! For a Baa! in Your Ice Cream


I have a new favorite ingredient!  (Although I’ll admit that as a recipe developer, I tend to have a new favorite ingredient every two weeks or so…)  I’ve been using my Ingredient of the Month in everything from desserts to dinners to baked goods.  What’s my latest culinary love?  Goat’s-milk yogurt.  It has that distinctive […]

The Cultured Cook Turns Pumpkins Into Ice Cream PLUS Pumpkin Nutrition & Health Benefits


Pumpkin Spice Ice Cream I was lucky – as a kid, I had the pleasure of visiting a local ice cream shop that made (and still makes, as far as I know) its own ice cream. It was creamier and tastier than anything you could buy in a store. Although all of their flavors were […]