Get Your Best Workout At Home


Equipment needed: YOU! Finding time to get to the gym or a fitness class is not always possible or desirable.  By the time you get yourself and the kids dressed, fed and off to school, then drive to the gym – half the morning may be gone. Maybe you just don’t want to deal with […]

Snow Day Workout! Stuck Home With The Kids?


Climb the stairs. Not the walls. Don’t  let four walls keep you from getting your daily dose of exercise. Get your shoes on, turn up the tunes and head for the stairs! (bring the kids along). We have the perfect high energy 30 minute workout for you! The best part is; you can sweat your […]

Home With The Kids? No Time for Weightlifting? Try This Effective At-Home-Mini-Workout!


Hey mom! Reconsider your staircase! Keep a set of dumbbells next to your stairs. Every time you walk up the stairs pick up those dumbbells. Stand tall, abs engaged and weights by your side. Perform 12-16 bicep curls, than walk up the stairs, 12-16 more bicep curls at the top. Repeat this simple weight bearing […]