No Excuses – Your Office Fitness Plan – Plus Workout Video


For those of you who work full time and spend most of your weekday hours confined to a desk and chair, finding time to workout can be frustrating. Take a healing workout break!  Everyone needs to take a lunch break and if you’re not you should! Dividing your lunch break into healthy munching and a […]

Stuff Yourself With Goodness This Holiday Season


“Stuff yourself with goodness; fill yourself up FULL; with everything delicious and let the leftovers go…” Over and over again; all week long these words have been rolling off my tongue. Perhaps not the most profound but deeply heartfelt and soul driven. Coming together, being with one another, just inches apart on our yoga mats, […]

What Are You Grateful For?


I’ll be honest, Thanksgiving isn’t my favorite holiday. A holiday that often celebrates gluttony just kind of grosses me out. I love turkey and rolls and a few other Thanksgiving staples…but being a pretty picky eater, I don’t enjoy most of the food. Also, the fact I usually have to go to three places on […]

Mothers, Daughters and Eating Disorders – Mother & Daughter Reunions: The Holidays


Mothers, Daughters and Eating Disorders (A series of articles dedicated to nurturance) How do a mother’s own attitudes toward herself get passed to her children? Girls naturally identify with their mothers and this identification can become disturbed when a mother acts in ways that are destructive and lack self respect. When the issue is specific […]

Thanksgiving – What A Great Tradition!


Thanksgiving – what a great tradition. We are able to sit with family and truly be grateful for our blessings. It is easy in our busy lifestyle to forget how absolutely blessed we are. But when you consider how people live in other countries (or even in certain parts of ours), it becomes easier to […]

Holiday Time Rushing In – 12 Easy Things You Can Do To Slow Your Roll!


It’s hard to believe we are knee deep in November 2010. The holiday season is rushing in with Thanksgiving around the corner and Christmas bringing up the year’s rear. Shopping for gifts and holiday decorum, cooking, family get togethers bundled with lots of drama, excess food and drink, parties galore, abundant feasts followed by a […]