Can Eating a High Protein Diet Make You Fat?


Great article here folks! Are you worried you’ll be wearing an extra layer of fat this fall/winter? STOP! Read this perfectly explained article about maintaining healthy weight and lean body mass. Simply by eating a little breakfast and keeping your clean protein intake in check, you can set your worries aside.   There’s just no […]



I have a confession to make! I am generally a very healthy eater. I’m usually mindful of what I put in my body and how it makes me feel. I enjoy knowing that I’m fueling my body and mind in a way that will enhance my health, energy, and well being. So how exactly did […]

Real World Nutrition: Stop Being a Fattist


We live in a culture that discriminates against people who are fat. Prejudices about individuals who are fat are nearly always unchallenged and many assumptions we hold are taken as cut-and-dry fact. This form of bigotry may stem from the widely held belief that a person ultimately has control over their size. It is interesting […]