Glowing Healthy Skin With Skin Brushing


Tired of going to the spa to get expensive treatments? Want an inexpensive, easy way to reduce cellulite and make your skin glow beautifully? Try a new trend called skin brushing. All you need is a good quality body brush with natural bristles that costs around $6-$10. So what is skin brushing and how does […]

Flawless Summer Skin


With the change to summer weather, don’t forget to also change your skin care regimen. Use these simple tips to help keep your skin flawless and glowing during these hot summer months…. First, make sure to exfoliate your skin all over! Your skin sheds dead skin cells every minute of everyday. If you don’t exfoliate […]

Preventing Skin Cancer


I am always amazed by the dichotomy that I see in some of my patients, especially young women. Most have a profound awareness of their skin–what is new, what is changing. I am always so happy to see that women are paying such close attention to their skin. At the same time I see many […]

Change of Season, Change of Skin Care

Happy Bride

Change your regimen seasonally to keep skin at its healthiest! Skin care products, once considered a luxury for the more well-off, are now a necessity as more information about the effects of sun and environmental exposure on our skin is becoming available. While sleep, proper hydration and a healthy diet are the basis of good […]