James Gandolfini Was ‘Walking Time Bomb,’ Says Top Heart Doctor


For many of us, summer vacation is a time when we eat too much, drink too much, do too much physically, and perhaps neglect to take our medications. That’s why vacation heart attacks like the one suffered by TV star James Gandolfini are tragically common, a top cardiologist tells Newsmax Health. “The Sopranos” actor Gandolfini, […]

The Yoga of Food


At dinner last week in a back yard in Ubud (Bali, Indonesia), a man across the table whom I’d just met, who’d just been informed of my dietary choices (raw) and why I was not eating the grilled fish (I prefer not to eat animals), said: “What does it really mean that something is raw?” […]

Celebrate Your Strength Re-Cap

Be Fit For Your Future

Thank you for joining us in April for “Celebrate Your Strength”! We hope you enjoyed our 30 days of inspiration and hope for an extraordinary future – one filled with love, joy, contentment and good health. For your convenience and continued enjoyment we have re-capped the daily posts into one, so you can look back to the […]

“Balanced Days, Balanced Lives” Book Review


A book of recipes, personal stories, food photography, and answers the ongoing question “How do I lose weight in a healthy way and keep it off for life?” With the rising obesity rates all over the world, the challenge of losing weight and subsequently controlling it in a healthy and happy way has become an […]