Tyra Banks Applauds Vogue’s Efforts to Help Young Women, But Is It Really Enough?


Tyra Banks is toasting Vogue’s 19 international editions for pledging to promote healthy body image, but while the plan is a step in the right direction, what does it really mean for the future? “Real progress is finally on the horizon,” Banks writes in an open letter on The Daily Beast. “Vogue is stepping up, […]

Reflections On Body Image: Talking Back To The Gremlin


We all have it. . . that chatty critical voice inside our heads that lectures us, makes fun of us, scolds us, makes us feel “less than”.  I call my critical voice the “Gremlin” and finally realize that he has been the head honcho on a wrecking crew who seemed intent on making my life […]

Part 1: Reflections on Body Image – The Media’s Influence on How We View Our Bodies


In the United States women learn from an early age to highly value being thin. From TV ads, going to movies and following Hollywood celebrities we buy into the mass belief that if we look like “them” our lives will work. And yet . . . time and time again this has proven to be false. […]