A delicious fruit historically associated with love and sensuality? Sounds like a perfect package to me! In fact, pomegranates appear to be good for more than your sex life. Research over the past decade suggests that pomegranate juice contains 2-3 times the antioxidant load of red wine or green tea, elevating the pomegranate to superhero […]

More Delicious Pomegranate Rich Recipes


POMEGRANATE AND DRIED FIG RELISH (adapted from www.epicurious.com ) 2/3 cup pomegranate seeds ¼ cup diced dried Calimyrna figs 1 teaspoon chipped fresh mint 1 teaspoon balsamic vinegar 1 teaspoon pomegranate molasses 3 teaspoons olive oil ¼ teaspoon cumin seeds, lightly crushed Mix all ingredients together in small bowl. Serve with lamb, chicken or fish. […]