New Series: The Dr. Oz Alphabet U-Z


We have come to the last of the alphabet in Dr. Oz’s Alphabet of Health! We hope this has helped you in some way or you’ve learned a new health secret! Tell us what you think. U: Ugli Fruit Ugli fruit is a hybrid citrus fruit from Jamaica, combining the healthy antioxidant benefits of grapefruit, […]

New Series: The Dr. Oz Alphabet P-T


We only have a few more posts left of Dr. Oz’s alphabet! What is your favorite letter? P: Psoriasis If you need relief from the itch and pain of psoriasis, make a cayenne pepper paste. Simply add equal parts of cayenne powder to olive oil and apply with a spoon to the affected area for […]

New Series: The Dr. Oz Alphabet K-O


This week we are bringing you the next few letters from Dr. Oz’s Alphabet of Health! We hope you are getting some good advice! K: Keratosis Pilaris This rough, bumpy skin on your butt, thighs and the back of your arms may look like tiny pimples, but it’s actually the build-up of dead skin around […]

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Autumn


As the first few weeks of fall our upon us, we will begin to notice many changes occurring in our environment. The temperature drops, the winds bring a chill foreshadowing the winter ahead, and the trees put on a lovely display of colors before dropping their leaves to conserve their energy for the cold months […]

Heart Health And An Important Blood Test


We all know by now that during your yearly physical we get our cholesterol checked, our blood pressure and maybe even an Echo Cardiogram (EKG).  But what about your CRP? CRP stands for C-reactive protein and its an important indicator of inflammation within the body which can contribute to many serious problems.  Over time, chronic […]

Avoiding the Flu Naturally


As summer turns to fall, the cold and flu season is upon us and there are some simple things you can do at home to prevent colds and flus. Wash hands with warm water and soap for at least 20 seconds before and after eating or preparing food, when getting home from outside, and after […]