The Great Grocery Store Tour – Nutrition While You Shop


Shopping for a healthier diet can be confusing, even for the most nutritionally-savvy individual.  For a healthy New Year attend a grocery store tour lead by registered dietitian, Gail Posner, R.D., M.S.  Learn to choose wisely from the vast array of foods in the market for optimal energy and health, to lose weight, or control diabetes, […]

Protecting Your Lungs This Fall-Breathe Easy Pear!


Choosing foods that specifically support and protect the lungs is an effective way to take care of yourself this fall. Pungent foods can help disperse mucus that may get stuck. These include hot peppers and chilies, onions, garlic, turnkips ginger, horseradish and cabbage. If there is heat in the lungs (yellow mucous, sore throat,fevers) add […]

Spelt: What is it? Superior Spelt Bread Recipe


Spelt makes a comeback. The best new grain has a long history. Sometimes the original ideas are still the best. The wheel hasn’t changed much in thousands of years, and tasty and nutritious spelt, one of the first grains to be grown by early farmers as long ago as 5,000 BC., is finding renewed popularity […]