Tantric Sex Cult? William Broads Science of Yoga: Anecdotal and Uninformed


William Broad’s Science of Yoga: Anecdotal and Uninformed This last Sunday I went to church, and right there in the middle of the sanctuary during the passing of the peace, a nice lady came up and asked me if the yoga I teach was really just a sanitized version of some ancient tantric sex cult. […]

Yoga and Sex Scandals: No Surprise Here


The wholesome image of yoga took a hit in the past few weeks as a rising star of the discipline came tumbling back to earth. After accusations of sexual impropriety with female students, John Friend, the founder of Anusara, one of the world’s fastest-growing styles, told followers that he was stepping down for an indefinite […]

Inverted Nightmares – Everybody Upside Down- Neck Injuries In Headstand


Let gravity work for you. Inversions are good for your lungs, heart, thyroid, and more. Unfortunately, however, beginning and veteran yoga students are showing up in the offices of bodyworkers, chiropractors, and medical professionals with compression of the upper spine and impaired mobility in the neck, presumably from the practice of inversions. In a culture […]



Weekly MYSORE Practice begins 8/31!  All levels are welcome! The Mysore style of yoga asana practice is a particular way of teaching yoga within the Ashtanga Yoga tradition as taught by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois in the southern Indian city of Mysore. There are some differences in this method from the usual modern way in […]

Adho Mukha Svanasana A.K.A. Downward Facing Dog

Downward Facing Dog Pose (Ardho Mukha Svanasana)

This pose is the home base in Vinyasa, a staple of  Hatha Yoga. A pose that most anyone can do and benefit greatly from. The grounded feeling of all four paws pressing firmly into your yoga mat creates a total experience of stability. Your hands, arms, and shoulders strengthen while your hamstrings and calves lengthen. […]