Sweat Heals! How to Become Happy, Fit & Self-Confident in One Step


Nope, it’s not a pill or the latest “miracle” cure from Dr. Oz—it’s good old fashioned exercise. “Sweat heals.” I wrote that on my Facebook wall the other day after blurting it out of my mouth following a much needed walk with my identical twin and my daughter. Sure, some readers’ eyes had fooled them […]

6 Ways to Let Go and Achieve Happiness


We are all on a quest for happiness, but often times we have no direction on how to get there. But instead of trying to obtain something you don’t have, have you ever tried letting go? Here are 6 tips, on letting go, that will assist you on your quest for happiness. I personally have […]

Having Fun


It often seems like once we reach adulthood, there are fewer and fewer opportunities to have fun. Maybe it’s the serious nature of living in the world that takes that away. Maybe it’s our own ideas of what adults should act like or maybe it’s because we become disconnected from that childlike part of ourselves […]

Happiness is Uncovering What You Already Have


When I set out to convert my unhappiness with my life into happiness, about 7 years ago, I had some ideas about how to do it. I was going to get out of debt and lose weight and get a better job and declutter my house and get into shape and become productive and write […]

We’re Doing It Again: Celebrate Your Strength With Us in April 2012


Last April, we featured a series of posts called “What’s For Fitness Today?”. It featured posts to get your heart pumping, to boost your happiness and healthiness, to inspire and challenge you and to give you all the tools you need for a wonderful spring and a healthy future. This April, we’re doing it again! […]

Looking Ahead With Lauren: Cancer Prevention Starts Today


Okay, I will admit it. I’ve always been a bit of a scaredy-cat. I still close my eyes during scary movie previews and get paranoid driving home late. There are so many scary things out there in the world, but I do try to focus on the positive and happy parts of life. Even if […]

What’s For Fitness Today? Tip #9 Be The Person You Always Wanted To Be!


April 9, 2011 Tip #9 Think back to a time when you were really happy. Perhaps you are now and that’s great! If you’re not, sit down and think hard about a time when you were loving life. What were you doing at the time? Who were you surrounded by? Perhaps you had a job […]